Free Swatches

Free Swatches

See how each fabric, color, pattern and texture will actually look in your home. Choose up to three sets of swatches.

Uniquely Ultramarine

Primitive Artistry


At First Blush

Global Expressions

Color My World


Neutral Nursery

Urban Attitudes-McKinney

Urban Attitudes-Alexandria

Earth Tones

Bold Textures

Finishing Touch

Andromeda Grey

Andromeda Khaki

Luscious Pewter

Luscious Mocha

Seamount Silver

Seamount Sable

Seamount Cappuccino

Seamount Indigo

Hand Woven Linen

Champ MT Iron

Homerun Silver

Bacall Sterling

Classical Granite

Seasons Khaki

Seasons Mocha

Akan Herb

Akan Mushroom

Victorious Sterling

Victorious Barley

Hobbs Flannel

Merit Dove

Merit Platinum

Merit Charcoal

Merit Sable

Merit Mocha

Roma Storm

Shona Granite

Shona Brown Sugar

Shona Midnight

Cosmo Café

Caprice Granite

Aranmore Baltic

Wild Side Sable

i-Sun Dance Charcoal

i-Sun Dance Chocolate

i-Aria Cream

i-Aria Charcoal

i-Polo Club INW Toast

i-Polo Club INW Java

Top Secret Pewter

i-Hallandale Platinum

i-Northwest Stucco

i-Northwest Ink

i-Northwest Sable

i-Northwest Mink

i-Northwest Whiskey

Palance Steel

Palance Silt

Palance Marble

Palance Sable