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Go ahead, pick your favorite three and La-Z-Boy will send them to you for free.
I know, right!

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Holden Pebble

Holden Mineral

Holden Caramel

Frank Cream

Frank Brown Sugar

Frank Coffee

Frank Flannel

Andromeda Grey

Andromeda Khaki

Luscious Burgundy

Luscious Pewter

Luscious Mocha

Luscious Indigo

Knight-T Pepper

Knight-T Mocha

Seamount Burgundy

Seamount Silver

Seamount Sable

Seamount Cappuccino

Seamount Indigo

Mason Flint

Mason Cobblestone

Mason Acorn

Denali Charcoal

Hand Woven Linen

Rodigo Burgundy

Rodigo Eggshell

Rodigo Stone

Rodigo Marsh

Rodigo Walnut

Kenley Quartz

Kenley Spruce

Kenley Moondust

Kenley Ecru

Kenley Indigo

Sha-Na-Na Grey

Sha-Na-Na Putty

Champ MT Iron

Homerun Paprika

Homerun Flagstone

Homerun Ivory

Homerun Silver

Homerun Godiva

Homerun Navy

Homerun Seafoam

Hannigan Fog

Classical Sisal

Classical Granite

Classical Molasses

Seasons Khaki

Seasons Mocha

Deauville Hemp

Victorious Burgundy

Victorious Sterling

Victorious Barley

Victorious Java

Victorious Denim

Hobbs Flannel

Hobbs Mocha

Merit Platinum

Merit Charcoal

Merit Sable

Merit Mocha

Roma Cream

Roma Storm

Saxon Indigo

Saxon Marine

Darby Linen

Darby Storm

Darby Sisal

Monaghan Sand

Monaghan Tobacco

Monaghan Espresso

Monaghan Navy

Becker Moss

Becker Parchment

Becker Fog

Becker Grey

Becker Briar

Becker Linen

L-Cecile Oat

L-Cecile Toffee

Vance Garnet

Vance Sage

Vance Sand

Vance Ice

Vance Mocha

Vance Eclipse

L-McKittrick Smoke

L-McKittrick Charcoal

L-McKittrick Taupe

L-McKittrick Indigo

L-McKittrick Mist

Belleame Buff

Belleame Slate

Belleame Pewter

Belleame Fawn

Belleame Otter

Belleame Stonewash

Northern Exposure Daybreak

Toby Grey

Toby Smoke

Nico Ash

Nico Charcoal

Shona Granite

Shona Fawn

Shona Brown Sugar

Cosmo Café

Caprice Granite

Caprice Cashmere

Caprice Patina

Vagabond TK Slate

Vagabond TK Elk

Vagabond TK Sepia

Wild Side Sable

Wild Side Chestnut

i-Sun Dance Vermillion

i-Sun Dance Charcoal

i-Sun Dance Chocolate

i-Sun Dance Sable

Elliot Pumice

i-Aria Cream

i-Aria Charcoal

i-Aria Navy

i-Aria Teal

Pungo Slate

i-Polo Club INW Teak

i-Polo Club INW Toast

i-Polo Club INW Kohl

i-Polo Club INW Java

Top Secret Pearl

Top Secret Pewter

Top Secret Flannel

Top Secret Tranquil

i-Barnabas Oat

i-Barnabas Fossil

i-Barnabas Mushroom

i-Barnabas Silt

i-Hallandale Persimmon

i-Hallandale Platinum

i-Hallandale Charcoal

i-Hallandale Sand

i-Hallandale Wicker

Chelsea Snow

i-Outlier Slate

i-Outlier Mushroom

i-Outlier Godiva

i-Halifax Shell

i-Cascade Sangria

i-Cascade Sisal

i-Cascade Pearl

i-Cascade Khaki

i-Cascade Sable

i-Cascade Lake

Afterparty Slate

Afterparty Pebble

Afterparty Wheat

Timber Moss

Timber Driftwood

Timber Espresso

Timber Storm

Ollie Midnight

i-Tazlina Classic

i-Montaquila Smoke

i-Montaquila Saddle

i-Highlander Dove

i-Highlander Moss

Toscana Mineral

La La Land Driftwood

i-Northwest Stucco

i-Northwest Ink

i-Northwest Whiskey

Polygon Pumice

i-Broderick Natural

i-Broderick Hemp

i-Broderick Seaglass

i-Liv Wicker

i-Liv Dove

i-Liv Tropic

i-Everwell Mushroom

i-Everwell Seafoam

Vera Cognac

Vera Delft

Hidden Hills Dune

Hidden Hills Kelp

i-Colantino Marble

i-Colantino Spa

i-Myla Marigold

i-Myla Ebony

Outtasight Denim

i-Savane Haze

i-Savane Ebony

i-Adril Charcoal

i-Adril Indigo

i-Adril Mystic

Hazelle Cashmere

i-Joelle Ash

i-Fine Line Industrial

Palance Chestnut

Palance Steel

Palance Silt

Palance Marble

Palance Tobacco

Palance Sable

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